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Lufthansa City Center

Telephone: +48 22 / 5566300
+48 22 / 5566310

Ul. Niemcewicza 26,
02-306 Warsaw

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday 09.00 - 17.00


Are you planning to travel to a country and are not updated if you need visa? You urgently need a visa on short notice? We as Lufthansa City Center partners are perfect consultants regarding all your visa enquiries. Before your trip, check to see if you are required to have a visa to enter the country you plan to visit. For that process, you need to calculate 6-8 weeks for visa approval and processing. Be aware that some countries will not let you enter if your passport indicates that you have already visited particular other countries or if your passport will expire during your visit. For more information, please send us an e-mail at

Make three photocopies of your airline tickets, passport identification page, driver’s license and any credit cards you plan to take with you. Leave one copy at home, the second copy in your office and put the third one in your carry-on luggage. You should also have with you the phone numbers of your credit card companies, as well as the number of the embassy of which you are holding a passport from for the countries that you are visiting. Should you lose any documents, this will facilitate their replacement.

Check well in advance with your doctor or government agencies about immunisation requirements and recent outbreaks of disease when visiting less developed countries. Some vaccinations must be administered over time, so research and plan immunisation 6-8 weeks prior to departure. Ask your doctor for prescriptions for any medicine you may need, and pack enough medicine for your trip. Be sure to carry enough medicine with you to last a couple of days in case you are separated from your checked-in luggage. To avoid possible drug violations, bring the medications in their original labelled boxes accompanied with a letter from your doctor stating the need for the medicine. If you question the legality of carrying a certain drug into a country, consult embassy or consulate of that country prior to your trip.

In addition to your prescriptions, it is recommended that you pack in your carry-on luggage toiletries and clothing for one day. When local water is not recommended, drink only carbonated bottled containers. Avoid ice and fresh vegetables and only eat fruit that you can peel. Check local weather conditions and pack appropriate clothing. Also check local customs, protocols and “do’s and don’ts”.

Label each piece of luggage (baggage tags). Arrange for transportation to and from the airport and make sure you stick to the check-in times at your departure airport – be there on time. Be sure you know the airline’s policies on luggage and carry-on bags, advanced seat reservations and boarding procedures.

Technical devices
Laptop Computer Checklist: Assemble and photocopy all e-mail and online service access numbers (in case of theft), clear or limit the amount of confidential information stored on your computers hard drive or removable storage; record serial numbers of your computer and peripherals; label all equipment with contact information; pack necessary accessories (batteries, diskettes, voltage converter, telephone line adapter).

Before departing, change a small amount of money into the local currency to enable you to make a phone call, enter a lavatory facility, purchase food or pay for a taxi upon arrival.