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Lufthansa City Center

Telephone: +48 22 / 5566300
+48 22 / 5566310

Ul. Niemcewicza 26,
02-306 Warsaw

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday 09.00 - 17.00


Close your eyes and imagine the perfect place for a business meeting or conference. Venue with a short distance from the big city, with a fast and easy access. Supertour Lufthansa City Center knows this place! We also know that there is more such venues in Poland! These places are waiting for your company!

Looking for an idea for a business trip in Poland?

Use the contact below and send us what you want, or simply specify the number of days and the budget - we will prepare and present our offer in a number of pricing options.

MICE in Poland
phone: +48 22 55 66 327